Building Certifications

National Green Building Standard


 Comparable to LEED, The National Green Building Standard (NGBS) was developed by the National Association of Home Builders in conjunction with the International Code Council. This certification awards "points" in categories including water, energy, resource conservation, and indoor air quality. NGBS certification has been found to increase home re-sale value and improve efficiency, comfort, and environmental impact. John Reuter is a certified verifier for the National Green Building Standard. 

HERS Rating


 The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) uses a building energy model and home performance testing, such as blower door and duct leakage testing, to evaluate the energy performance of your home. A certified HERS rating can be used to meet energy codes, obtain tax credits, and evaluate the performance of a home both before and after construction.  The HERS energy model can also be used to decide which insulation and window package is right for you. John Reuter is a certified HERS rater. 

Energy Star Rating


 The Energy Star program was developed by the EPA with the intent to build more energy efficient and comfortable homes. Greenworks will facilitate and certify your home to the Energy Star standard, ensuring proper insulation and air-sealing detail, HVAC design and commissioning, and whole building energy considerations are implemented. John Reuter is a certified Northwest Energy Star Rater. 

Passive House


 Developed in Germany, the Passive House Certification is the king of energy efficiency. A passive house is super insulated and doesn't require a traditional heating system. The Passive House approach puts comfort and energy efficiency as the keystone of your home project and focuses on proper solar availability, an extreme thermal envelope, superior indoor air quality, and unsurpassed comfort. John Reuter is training in Passive House construction.